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About Our Children’s Division

Exposing Humboldt County youth to musical theatre and providing them with quality training and opportunities to perform has always been one of the major goals of Main Stage. Our Young Performers Company was introduced following our first production (The Sound of Music) in 2015. YPC serves to produce skilled and professional young performers ready to perform in our Main Stage shows alongside experienced adult actors. Children ages 6 and up have the opportunity to study singing, acting, dance, and stage etiquette through our workshops offered in the fall and spring, children then have the opportunity to audition and/or be selected for children’s roles in Main Stage productions that run during the summer.

Not all YPC members choose to audition for Main Stage summer productions, but also have the opportunity to perform in fall and spring concerts, as well community events throughout the year. Our YPC members also regularly perform with other community theaters and a few have gone on to do voice-over and film work professionally. YPC is often presented with new musicals to workshop from up and coming writers and have recently piloted musicals Battle of Boat, and Ada Lovelace by British composer Ethan Lewis Maltby for the first time in the United States.

Regardless of a students long term goals to pursue a professional career or simply perform on local stages, YPC members gain skills that will serve them well in life onstage and off!

 Would your child would be a good fit for Main Stage YPC? Contact infomainstage@gmail.com for more information.