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The children of our youth company stay busy performing on our stage, as well as throughout the community and beyond, here are a few of the exciting projects our youth company members have been a part of recently.

Taylee Mullins in ANNIE at the Arkley Center 2017

Main Stage Young Performers in ANNIE at the Arkley Center, 2017.

Madisyn Wood and Lily Herlihy as Thing 1 & 2 ┬áin Eureka High’s production of “Seussical the Musical”

Taylee Mullins recording voice-overs for “In Both Ears” national voice-over agency

Karsyn Hammer, Alexandra Nilsen, Graciela Garcia, Grace Humphrey, Maren McComes, and Madisyn Wood recently played in “A Charlie Brown Christmas” at Ferndale Repertory Theatre December 2016

Gwyneth Bise, Marina Benson, Sylvie Benson, Alexandra Nilsen, Taylee Mullins, Karsyn Hammer in Main Stage’s 2015 Arkley productions -The Sound of Music

YPC members Natalie Parker, Karsyn Hammer, Taylee Mullins, Graciela Garcia, Grace Humphrey, Madisyn Wood, and Laurel Straka performing in Main Stage’s 2016 Arkley production- The Secret Garden